Green coffee purchase prices

We want you to judge for yourself whether we meet your ethical and environmental standards. Whether something is fair or not is in the eye of the beholder. We listed the purchase prices in USD/pound for the green coffee we process. This is the price the coffee farmers receive. The dotted line indicates the Fairtrade minimum price of 1.40 USD/pound.

Our products are usually not certified. Not even our coffee. For good reasons. Firstly, our coffee also comes from small farms and family businesses. They cannot afford the costs and bureaucratic hurdles associated with certification. Secondly, our standards are higher than those of the usual seals and certificates. Adorning ourselves with these seals would send the wrong signal. And thirdly, we do not want our customers to be appeased by the mere existence of certificates and seals.

We want people to look closely. We don’t want to claim that we are fair and organic. We want you to make up your own mind. To this end, we make our economic figures transparent. We source our green coffee from people and companies we trust, who we know work on eye level with the producers. These are our friends and former colleagues from Plotcoffee in Hamburg. As well as our buddies Lukas and Daniel from Cumpa in Tübingen. And Raw Material, a community interest company. They pass on all their profits to the coffee farmers.