More than corona, I fear climate change.

In the face of climate change: How do we align our business actions? What and how much responsibility do we assign ourselves? How much unwillingness to compromise do we show? What sacrifices are we prepared to make? 

Sure, we’re already doing things. Things like: No paper cups – we never use them.  Support for oat milk. We pack our coffee in reusable bottles, or in ecological coffee bags, without aluminium and soon to be 100% compostable. And a few more things. Admittedly, that’s something. But there’s more to come. 

Is that enough for us? What do we as a company want to take responsibility for? And how radically are we taking it on? Focus, quality, passion, design, cost, zest of life: will we sacrifice any of this? Or can we unite it all? I don’t know. 

Moreover, besides coffee, where does SUEDHANG’s corporate purpose end? For what and how do we use our corporate power and radiance? Do we only want to show our professional face? Or our private face as well? How politically neutral do we present ourselves? 

Many questions that we will answer. What is already clear is that climate change is emotionally present. I can neither deny it nor suppress it. This is the starting point for further steps.