Even if it is not economical for us, we always ask whether with oat milk or cow’s milk.

As mentioned, by law the following VAT rates are applicable:

  • 7% cappuccino with cow’s milk
  • 19% cappuccino with oat milk

That’s 12% less sales of oats. So less profit, too. With a cappuccino for €3.40, that’s €0.41 less profit. Per drink.

Actually, we would be pretty stupid if we asked every customer when ordering: “With oat milk or with cow’s milk?”. Because if you actually wanted a cow cappu and – because we ask so stupidly – the person then decides for oat, SUEDHANG directly loses 0.41€. Just 19% instead of 7%.

However, here we like to be stupid. Our instruction to our staff is: if you don’t know what the customer wants to drink, ask explicitly.

Because it’s important to us.