With oat, we don’t charge extra.

As already mentioned, by law the following VAT rates are applicable:

  • 7% cappuccino with cow’s milk
  • 19% cappuccino with oat milk

That’s 12% less sales of oats.

We could say: our price for cappuccino without VAT is always 3,16€. If you want it with cow’s milk, please add 7% VAT. That’s 3,40€. And if you want oat milk, then also 3.16€ plus 19% VAT. Makes 3,90€.

But we don’t. Even though many – yes, even most – cafés do it this way: + 50 cents for oats. For us, oats and cow cost the same. Because we want to give our customers a real choice.

And it is not a real choice if the variant with oats is more expensive.