We roasted SANAI RED, our first coffee from Yemen. Here are ten facts about Yemenia.

  1. Yemen was the first country to cultivate coffee. It was brought there from Ethiopia and then spread across the world.
  2. Although the coffee plant did not originate in Yemen, the coffee drink as we know it did.
  3. In the 1700s Yemen was the world’s only coffee exporter. Due to other sources of cheap coffee made available and no demand for quality, its coffee production was estimated to make up only 6% by the 1800s. Today it’s 0.1%.
  4. Genetics of Coffea Arabica worldwide can be traced back to Yemen. It started with smuggling a few coffee beans there to Java, then France then the rest of the world.
  5. Yemeni climate is harsh and in many ways predicts how global warming might affect other producing countries.
  6. Over the centuries, native Ethiopian varieties grown in Yemen evolved into a new group of genetics we now know as Yemenia.
  7. Yemenia genetics present unique flavour profiles. They tend to be characteristic in notes of dark fruits, sweet spices, light body and intense sweetness.
  8. Quima, our importerter is the only fully integrated specialty coffee operator in Yemen. Their aim is to preserve its heritage and re-introduce Yemen as a producer of high quality coffee.
  9. Coffee in Yemen is almost always naturally processed due to lack of water. Lack of controlled environment causes fermentation to vary resulting in wild flavour profiles.
  10. Coffee in Yemen is grown on terraces carved into the landscape over hundreds of years.

Picture: Quima Coffee.