New in our portfolio: MR TOI

This Canephora is bold, heavy and intensely aromatic. We taste notes of dark chocolate, licorice and dried dates. As this is a more traditional Vietnamese canephora, we recommend brewing it with a Phin filter and serving it with coconut milk or condensed milk as a traditional Cá Phê Sūa dá.

The coffee beans come from Future Coffee Farm in Vietnam. The producer, Mr. Toi Nguyen, wants to rethink the future of coffee and therefore chose this name for his farm. Sustainability is a big topic for him and in 2012 he joined a sustainable coffee farming program. From that moment, his journey as a Speciality Coffee producer began. Driven by curiosity and an ever-growing passion, Mr. Toi managed to acquire a deep knowledge of coffee, its cultivation, modern processing methods, fermentation processes and drying methods. Today, he produces carefully selected, high-quality canephoras that are unique in their kind.

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