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DR Congo

Nanjing cherry

As on every packet, we note what the coffee reminds us of with three subjective flavours. In KATANA’s case, it’s the sweetness and juiciness of a nectarine. From the scent to rose water to rosehip, we think we detect a rose. And it reminds Artyom of a so-called nanjing cherry, a fruit somewhere between a cherry and a plum, which was abundant in his grandmother’s garden in Kyjiw, but is still so unknown to us that there is not even a German entry on Wikipedia. At least not yet.


Country DR Congo
Region North-Kivu, Katana
Cooperative Raek
Altitude 1400–1800m
Type Arabica
Variety Jackson, Arabica JBM
Processing fully washed
SCA Cup Score 86,75
Bio Green coffe: NL-BIO-01
Volume 600kg

V60 Recipe

Coffee: 16g
Water: 250g
Temperature: 94°C
TDS: 65ppm
Comandante: 20 clicks
  1. Bloom with 50g water for 30sec.
  2. At 30sec aggressively pour in 70g of water.
  3. At 55sec gently pour in the remaining 130g of water.
  4. Brew should be done after 3:00.