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Pinot Noir
Dark chocolate

This is a Natural, which means that the pulp was separated from the coffee cherries without water by sun drying. This processing gives the coffee beans an intense fruity aroma. Thus the natural aromas of these beans shimmer and seem almost unreal: Like the intense flavour of blueberries and the ripe grapes of Pinot Noir.


Country Colombia
Region Caldas
Producer Villamaria
Altitude 1800m
Type Arabica
Variety Caturra, Castillo
Harvest hand picked
Processing natural
Volume 600kg

V60 Recipe

Coffee: 16g
Water: 250g
Temperature: 94°C
TDS: 65ppm
Comandante: 20 clicks
  1. Bloom with 50g water for 30sec.
  2. At 30sec aggressively pour in 70g of water.
  3. At 55sec gently pour in the remaining 60g of water.
  4. At 1min 15sec add 70g of water.
  5. Brew should be done by the 3min mark.