Four years ago, we – Robin and Martin – opened SUEDHANGs doors. It’s time to take a moment and look back at what SUEDHANG actually is or has become.

First of all, we are a café in the heart of Tübingen – we see ourselves as part of the so-called 3rd wave of coffee. We love our open windows, we love being hosts. We try to accompany and move our customers more and more towards vegan consumption.

We are – secondly – a roastery. Our passion is light roast coffee. We enjoy experimenting, breaking new ground, for example with canephora or self-developed drinks. We like to write articles and books about the various topics around coffee. And we are happy when we can provide our customers and business partners with coffee that makes a difference. A difference in that drinking coffee is not an act of autopilot but a conscious consumption. Even if it is a big word. It is about quality of life.

And – thirdly – we see ourselves as activists. For example, we are initiating a protest against higher VAT on vegan milk alternatives. We are not giving up and are trying to develop a regional solution for oat milk in reusable containers. We also see ourselves as radically transparent and we publish our corporate records online. Because we want everyone to be able to judge for themselves whether we meet the respective ethical requirements. For responsible consumption. We don’t do all this just for ourselves. We do it so that other companies can build on our ideas.