This will be something big in 2024

Until May 2023, you could view on our website …

… all our legal and corporate documents.

… and search all invoices and documents with a free-text search for what interests you.

We have done this for mature consume. You yourself should be able to decide whether we meet your ethical and ecological standards or not. And we wanted to create a basis for welcome criticism so that we can continue to develop.

Unfortunately, our platform was exposed to numerous automated and non-automated attacks. We could no longer guarantee functioning data security.

Now we are revising our transparency module. It will go online again in 2024 – then even more convenient and functional. Important: We are rebuilding it so that it can then also be used by other companies. Our vision is that a mature customer base will demand this transparency in all sectors and that the “big” companies from Audi to Zalando will also have to drop their trousers.