In the inner city space, the need for space between people, bicycles, cars, buses, etc. has to be renegotiated every day. With a system of rental stools, we position ourselves for a city centre that is friendly to life and inviting to linger: for life and against the car.

Yet, as a matter of principle, you are not allowed to put up a stool and sit down in public space. However, in August and September 2023 in the city centre of Tübingen you can. Within the framework of a “Probiererle”, the University City of Tübingen grants a special use permit for the use of the stools and thus invites people to take a seat in public space in places that have not been used so far.

From August, the stools can be borrowed from us at Jakobsgasse 4 and Wilhelmstraße 8 in exchange for a deposit.

We invite all businesses from Tübingen – whether gastronomy or retail – to participate free of charge. We will provide the stools. If you are interested, please contact: info(at)suedhang.org

TAKE SPACE was planned and initiated by us, the stool was designed by Zweifel in Hamburg and manufactured by Manodera in Freiburg.

We are supported financially and organisationally by the ZIZ funding programme (Zukunftsfähige Innenstädte und Zentren) and the city of Tübingen.