Legal creativity needed

On 07.07. many cafes symbolically did what we demand: sold a drink with oat milk for 7% instead of 19% VAT.

Then we reported ourselves. Probably soon we will be asked by the tax office to pay the underpaid VAT of 07/07. 

Yes, the Law (UStG) clearly states that cow’s milk is charged at 7%, but oat milk is charged at 19%.

But we will appeal against the tax office’s demand. All the way to the Federal Constitutional Court.

We need your help, your creativity, your arguments for this objection. It is about concepts like:

  • Equality before the law
  • Responsibility for climate
  • responsibility for future generations
  • fair competition
  • no discrimination
  • and and and

Whether a formal letter from a lawyer, an outraged text from an elementary school student, a photo collage about the events on a dairy farm: All of this is welcome and useful for our objection.
Please send your contribution to Martin.
There is a lot at stake.