Introducing SAKAMI

Our latest addition to the portfolio, SAKAMI, is a testament to its transformative journey. The coffee’s profile – with notes of clementine zest, gooseberry, and forest strawberry – is as unique as the story behind it. Grown in the rich soils of Trans Nzoia County, the coffee’s SCA Cup Score of 86 reflects its quality. This speciality coffee, produced by Gloria Gummerus and her team at an altitude of 1800–1984m, is more than a product, it’s a symbol of a generational shift in farming practices and a move towards sustainability and empowerment.

Meet Gloria Gummerus, the Visionary Producer of SAKAMI

In the heart of Kenya’s North Rift Valley, Gloria Gummerus, a former beauty expert turned coffee pioneer, is redefining the agricultural landscape. Gloria’s transition to coffee cultivation is not just a career change but a return to her roots, a journey fueled by passion and perseverance.

Sakami: More Than Just a Coffee Estate

Named after her daughters, Sakami is not merely a coffee estate but a beacon of ecological harmony. Here, coffee grows alongside macadamia, avocado, dairy, and vegetables. This biodiversity is not just for show – it’s a conscious effort to promote sustainable farming and ecological balance. The coffee, benefiting from the near-perfect conditions of wind, altitude, and rich soil, is more than a beverage; it embodies the spirit of empowerment and community development.

A Coalition for Change

Gloria’s vision extended beyond her own ambitions. Joining forces with other influential women – a medical doctor, a marketer, a banker, and a teacher – she formed a powerful coalition. Their goal? To empower local farmers and revolutionize the coffee trade in the region. This initiative has brought about significant change, ensuring fair compensation and independence for local farmers.

Sakami Coffee: A Symbol of Women’s Empowerment and Environmental Protection

Sakami Coffee, led by a dynamic group of women, is not just redefining Kenyan coffee but also setting a new standard for the industry. Committed to fair trade principles, Sakami pays up to 149% above Fairtrade prices, supporting not only women’s empowerment but also environmental protection. This holistic approach is transforming the industry, ensuring fair value for farmers and investing in sustainable practices.


+++ Country: Kenya +++ Region: Trans Nzoia County +++ Farm: Sakami +++ Producer : Gloria Gummerus, Dr. Rosabella, Mary Tonje, Susan Jane +++ Altitude: 1800–1984m +++ Type: Arabica +++ Variety: SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian, K7 +++ Harvest time : 2023 +++ Processing: washed +++ SCA Cup Score: 86 +++ Volume: 600kg +++

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