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Modern Espresso

dark chocolate

+++ 365 grams: this amount of coffee fits in the bottle +++ 365 days: our modern espresso for every day +++ 365 Kelvin: or 92 degrees Celsius, MUYUs perfect brewing temperature +++ 365 cents: these are the costs of 100 g +++

Our modern espresso is the result of a friendly collaboration between Jimmy from the Aproeco cooperative, the importers Daniel and Lukas, and us. Together we came up with the name Muyu. It means round in Quichua. Muyupampa (round plain) is what the indigenous Amazonian people called the region of the mountain rainforest where this first-class coffee is sustainably grown today. And our well-balanced espresso is also round: delicate dark chocolatey notes harmonise with strong spiciness and natural sweetness.


Country Peru
Region Moyobamba
Producer Aproeco Kooperative
Altitude 1380–1700 m
Type Arabica
Variety Caturra, Catimor, Pache, Typica
Harvest handpicked
Processing washed
SCA Cup Score 84,75