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SRIRANGALLI is exemplary and model for the development of speciality coffee. Local farms have ventured out to grow, harvest, process and market high-quality coffee using agroforestry methods and rigorous quality standards. And indeed, their courage and efforts are paying off: Economically for themselves. Ecologically for the rich flora and fauna. And in terms of taste for everyone who holds a cup of this coffee in their hands.


Country India
Region Western Ghats
Producer Srirangalli
Altitude 1200–1400m
Type Arabica
Variety Catuai, SLN6, SLN9 Chandagiri
Processing natural
Harvest time 2023
SCA Cup Score 85,75
Volume 600kg

V60 Recipe

Coffee: 16g
Water: 250g
Temperature: 94°C
TDS: 65ppm
Comandante: 20 clicks
  1. Bloom with 50g water for 30sec.
  2. At 30sec aggressively pour in 70g of water.
  3. At 55sec gently pour in the remaining 130g of water.
  4. Brew should be done after 3:00.