Four weeks for Canephora

Did you know that freshly roasted Canephora often doesn’t taste as good?

In comparison to Arabica, Canephora takes a much longer time to degas after roasting and to develop its unique and delicious flavour.
While Arabica is at its best when fresh, just a few days after roasting, Canephora should be left to rest for at least 4 weeks, or even up to 11 weeks, before brewing.

When our former Head Roaster and Head Barista Mikolaj competed in the German Barista Championship in 2022, he used SIÊU SAO, a Canephora from Vietnam that he roasted for 11 weeks before competing.

The complex taste of this Canephora changed and developed so much over the weeks that the recipe had to be constantly adjusted. In the end, the long wait was worth it as the coffee reached its full potential after such a long rest.

Would you like to experience this effect for yourself? Try our latest Canephora CHAKRA WARMI from Ecuador, fresh after roasting and then a few weeks later. How did the taste of this coffee develop for you?